About me

An old-fashioned dandy and a devoted Britophile, who prefers timelessness, style, and class before trends, fashion, and modernity. Conservative in both mind and manners. Does not share the set of »Swedish values».

A free spirit in a profoundly sick society, a Bohemian in the eternally destroyed Klara, a vigilante in the name of the Truth and the Light, a dandy of the Brideshead set around Lord Sebastian and Mr Ryder.

An incorruptible admirer of Baroness Thatcher and of stars, that do not give a damn, an explorer of his own path both forwards and backwards, a passionate singer of the Black Ballads of life and of the both tragic and cheerful epistles and songs of the watchmaker without watch, workshop, and condition; a troublesome stranger in both time and space.

A Member of The Town Crier Club.

See also this page for a summary.

4 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Den mest klockrent formulerade frasen, ever, under detta millenium ? Jag vill också ha en så rolig beskrivning av mig.


  2. Det kan du få. Jag skall fundera på en sådan.


  3. Hallå!

    Först och främst,en mycket underhållande blogg ibland många ute i cyberrymden.

    Fast som situationen ser ut idag är det litet som skrivs om “utanförskapet” för dem svenska konservativa väljarna.

    Hur som helst får jag tacka för trevliga lässtunder.



  4. Hej, hej!


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